Research Involving Animals

The UBC Animal Care and Use Program (ACUP) is a university-wide program and covers all UBC persons who work with animals in research and teaching.

It comprises multiple components, which cover ethics approval, compliance, animal care and housing, veterinary care, facilities management, training, surgical and specialized technical procedures. 

To learn more about animal research numbers and oversight at UBC, visit the Animal Research website.

Key VPRI support

research services for animal care

UBC Animal Care Services provides services in support of the UBC Animal Care and Use Program including research support, veterinary services, compliance, training, procurement, animal housing, technical services and administrative support



Animal Care regulatory approvals

The Animal Care Committee is responsible for ensuring that all UBC animal researchers conform to the mandatory guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care through the university’s animal ethics review process and post-approval monitoring of all studies as well as the facilities where these studies occur.