Research Excellence Clusters Funded Prior to 2018

The following research excellence clusters received funding prior to 2018.

Adapting Biosystems - Biodiversity Group
Advanced Manufacturing for Global Mobility
BioProducts Institute (BPI)
Critical Racial & Anti-Colonial Studies: Critical + Creative Social Justice Studies
Data Analytics and Systems Science (DASS) to Optimize Heart + Lung Health
Dynamic Brain Circuits  in Health and Disease
Ethical and Societal Response and Governance of Gene Editing and Gene Drives (GEGD)
Forest and Plant Productivity
ForLives: Forests and Livelihoods for Sustainable Development
The Future Oceans
Global Challenges to Democracy: Rights, Freedoms, and Human Development
Globalized Product and Labour Markets
Hidden Costs of Global Supply Chains
 Implicit Gender Bias in Stem
Microbiome Research Network
Nanomedicines Research Centre Cluster
Remembering and Commemorating Trauma
Social Mobilization on Climate Change using Digital Media
Translational Cancer Genomics (TCG) cluster
RESTORE (Regeneration and Stem Cells for Organ Rejuvenation)
Theatre and Mental Health 
Wingspan Dis/ability Arts, Culture, & Public Pedagogy