Research Excellence Clusters Funded in 2021/22

Thirty-five research excellence clusters led by researchers on the Vancouver campus will be funded through the Research Excellence Clusters initiative in 2021/22. These clusters are inter-departmental networks of researchers at UBC who collectively represent leaders in a particular field of study.

Clusters are recognized as either established or emerging depending on multiple factors relating to their developmental stage and funding requirements.

The 35 Research Excellence Clusters funded in 2021/22 includes 11 clusters in the second year of their current award. Funding is awarded through Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters (GCRC) competitions.


Action on Sepsis
Advanced Materials Manufacturing
BC Diabetes Research Network
BC Regenerative Medicine
Biodiversity Research: An Emerging Global Research Priority
Biomedical Imaging and Artificial Intelligence
Bionics Network
Designing for People (DFP)
Diversified Agroecosystem Cluster
Dynamic Brain Circuits in Health and Disease Research Excellence Cluster
Gynecologic Cancer Initiative
Harnessing the Social Exposome to Reduce Inequalities in Child Health and Development in Canada
Language Sciences Initiative
Quantum Computing Research Cluster
Resuscitating More Patients from Sudden Unexpected Death: Transformative Research
The Airway Centre
Transformative Health and Justice
UBC Research-Based Theatre Collaborative




Advancing Mental Health Equity in a post-COVID-19 Asia-Pacific
Advancing the Science of Physiologic Birth
Ars Scientia
Bee Health, Impact, and Value in the Environment (BeeHIVE)
Blockchain at UBC
Cluster for Microplastics, Health and the Environment
Data Science and Health (DASH)
Decision Insights for Business & Society (DIBS)
Interdisciplinary Histories Research Cluster: Contemporary Engagements with the Past
Mobilizing Sport and Sustainability Collective
Reducing Male Suicide
Relational Technologies: Land, Sovereignty, and Language in Community-Led Immersive Storytelling
The Score: Performing, Listening, and Decolonization
The Transformative Memory Network
UBC Wild Berry Research Cluster: A Community-Driven Participatory Knowledge Transfer (CDP-KT) Plan
Women's Health Research Cluster

Research Clusters led by researchers at our Okanagan campus are funded through the Eminence Program.