Research Excellence Clusters Funded in 2024/25

A total of 45 research excellence clusters led by researchers at UBC Vancouver will be supported through the Research Excellence Clusters initiative in 2024/25.

Research Excellence Clusters are interdisciplinary networks of researchers addressing societal and cultural problems, and working together to solve challenges that transcend traditional boundaries associated with departments, institutions, and funding agencies.

Funding is awarded through Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters (GCRC) competitions.

Support for the research excellence clusters in 2024/25 includes:

  • 25 new grants funded through the 2024/25 competition
  • 14 clusters in the second year of funding awarded in 2023/24 
  • 6 transition grants for previously funded clusters no longer eligible to apply to GCRC competitions following program changes recommended by an external review

2024/25 GCRC Competition grant Recipients

Advancing Multifunctional Dental Biomaterials
BC Eating Disorders Research Excellence Cluster 
Child and Youth Overdose Prevention (New Cluster)
Climate Justice Partnerships
Cluster for Indigenous Engagement, Development, and Research: Pandemic Preparedness (New Cluster)
Collaborative coexistence for people and nature (New Cluster)
Critical Image Forum (New Cluster)
Decision Insights for Business & Society (DIBS)
Decolonizing Curation: Addressing the Global Heritage Repository Crisis in the Age of UNDRIP (United nations Declarations on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) (New Cluster)
Disaster Resilience Research Cluster
Drone Transport Initiative Cluster (New Cluster)
Future Minerals Initiative (FMI)
Future Packaging Research Cluster (New Cluster)
Global History of Anticolonial Thought (New Cluster)
Indigenous Land-Based Health, Wellness, and Education Research Cluster
MATRIX-N (Multidisciplinary Alliance for Translational Research and Innovation in Neuropsychiatry)
Microbial Cell Systems for Sustainable Living (MCELLS) (New Cluster)
MUSIC (MUsic and Science Interdisciplinary Collaboration) Research Cluster (New Cluster)
Pop Culture Catalysts: Popular Media for Social Change (New Cluster)
Reducing Male Suicide
RespNetBC (New Cluster)
Resuscitating More Patients from Sudden Unexpected Death: Transformative Research
Smart Infrastructure and Construction Research Cluster (New Cluster)
Thriving in Community: Re-Imagining Supports for Children with Medical Complexity and their Families (New Cluster)
Trustworthiness of Machine-Learning-Based Systems (TrustML)

2023/24 competition grant recipients (second year of term)

Accelerated Translational Opioid Research Cluster
Action on Sepsis
Bionics Network
Cancer Prevention Research Cluster (CPRC)
Centre for Migration Studies
Creating Better Asian Canadian Community Engaged Research
Data Science and Health
Dynamic Brain Circuits in Health and Disease Research Excellence Cluster
Latin American Landscapes
Re-ROW - Rethinking the Right of Way
Transformative Health and Justice
Wine Production and Climate Change

Transition grant recipients

Transition grants are for previously funded clusters no longer eligible to apply to GCRC competitions following program changes recommended by an external review.

BC Diabetes Research Network
Biodiversity Research: A Global Priority
Quantum Computing Research Cluster
The Social Exposome Cluster
Women's Health Research Cluster
Relational Technologies: Land, Sovereignty, and Language in Community-Led Immersive Storytelling


Research Clusters led by researchers at our Okanagan campus are funded through the Eminence Program.