Research Excellence Clusters Funded in 2018

Research Excellence Clusters funded in 2018 through Grants for Catalzyzing Research Clusters (GCRC) competitions are listed below.

Thirty-three research excellence clusters led by researchers on the Vancouver campus received funding in 2018. Recipients were announced in December 2017. 

Clusters were recognized as either established or emerging depending on multiple factors relating to their developmental stage and funding requirements.

Advanced Materials Manufacturing
BCREGMED: Cellular and Regenerative Therapies through Collaborative, Innovative Science
Biodiversity Research: An Emerging Global Research Priority
BioProducts Research Cluster
Data Analytics and Systems Science (DASS) to Optimize Heart + Lung Health
Designing for People (DFP)
ForLives: Forests and Livelihoods for Sustainable Development
Language Sciences: UBC and Beyond
Microbiome Research Network: Exploring Microbial Interactions and Microbiome Function
The UBC Airway Centre
Biomedical Imaging and Artificial Intelligence
Bionics Network
Blockchain at UBC Cluster
Critical Racial & Anti-Colonial Studies Thematic Network (CRACS)
Diabetes: From Beta Cells to Bedsides
Dynamic Brain Circuits in Health and Disease Research Excellence Cluster
Educational Neuroscience
Global Challenges to Democracy: Rights, Freedoms, and Self-Determination
Hidden Costs of Global Supply Chains (HCGSC)
Indigenous/Science at UBC: Partnerships in the Exploration of History and Environments
Origins of Balance Deficits and Falls
Pain Research Network: Confronting a Global Challenge
Physical Activity for Precision Health
Re-Imagine Aging
Reimbursement and Pricing Policy for Drugs for Rare Diseases
Rhythm Research Cluster
SmarT Innovations for Technology Connected Health (STITCH)
Systematically Identifying, Evaluating, and Responding to Environmental Injustices in Canada
The Frail Young: Care for children with complex illnesses, their families and communities
Theatre and Mental Health
Towards a long-term research network for diversified agroecosystems
Wingspan: Dis/ability Arts, Culture & Public Pedagogy