GCRC Revisions

Following recommendations from the GCRC external program review, and in consultation with the broader UBC research community, a number of revisions to the GCRC program have been made. 

The following recommendations will be reflected in the next GCRC competition call on the VPRI website, which is anticipated in September 2023.

  • Clusters will no longer be divided into emerging and established categories; a cluster will be designated as either new (i.e., never received GCRC funding) or as returning (i.e., previously funded through GCRC funds)
    • New clusters will receive up to $100,000; returning clusters will receive up to $200,000; grant terms for both cluster categories are for either one or two years.
    • New cluster applications will be adjudicated separately from returning clusters so that each application can be appropriately assessed based on the relative maturity of its collaboration.
  • Clusters are now limited to three (3) cycles of funding, i.e. they receive GCRC funding through three competitions, regardless of cluster category.
    Important: Clusters that have previously received three or more cycles of GCRC funding, whether they are currently or not currently funded, are no longer eligible to apply for future GCRC funding.
  • Adjudication criteria will be revised so that there will be greater emphasis on the goals clusters will work towards to leverage external funding. Furthermore, once funding goals have been achieved, GCRC funding will conclude to make opportunities open for others.
  • In addition to our standard review panels (STEM, health, and social sciences, humanities, and creative and performing arts), we will pilot the introduction of a fourth panel for interdisciplinary clusters that span two or more of the above research domains.

For further information on the GCRC program and upcoming competition, please contact Stacey Herzer, Manager, Internal Research Competitions (VPRI) at stacey.herzer@ubc.ca

View the summary of the external review report (CWL needed)