EDI In Research Resource Library

UBC aims to support researchers to advance equity, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the research lifecycle and ecosystem. 

The following resources are non-exhaustive and are provided as a starting point for building EDI in research at UBC. Further research and reflection may be required and are strongly encouraged in the pursuit of research excellence that upholds equity, diversity and inclusion.





Introduction: Making Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Matter in Research

Learn how EDI can be incorporated into your research through this video primer, narrated by Dr. Rachael Sullivan, Equity Facilitator, UBC Equity & Inclusion Office. 

Summary: EDI in Research – A Framework

Content Summary
Content Summary


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resources for EDI in Research


Unraveling the effects of cultural diversity in teams: A retrospective of research on multicultural work groups and an agenda for future research
Author/Organization: Günter K Stahl, Martha L Maznevski
Journal or Publisher: Journal of International Business Studies
Keywords: cultural diversity, business
Category: EDI in Research Practice
Diverse effects of team diversity: a review and framework of surface and deep-level diversity
Author/Organization: Alana E. Jansen, Ben Joseph Searle
Journal or Publisher: Emerald Publishing
Keywords: diversity, research teams
Category: Principles of EDI in Research
Twelve Principles Trainees, PIs, Departments, and Faculties Can Use to Reduce Bias and Discrimination in STEM
Author/Organization: Lisa M. Willis, Devang Mehta, and Alexandra Davis
Journal or Publisher: ACS Central Science
Keywords: bias, affinity bias, inclusion, diversity, equity, STEM, labs, PI, faculty
Category: EDI in Research Practice
Inclusive makerspaces, fab labs, and STEM labs
Author/Organization: Love TS, Roy KR, Marino MT
Journal or Publisher: technology and engineering teacher
Keywords: STEM, labs, engineering, technology, accessibility, inclusion, disability, neurodivergence
Category: EDI in Research Practice
16 Unconscious Bias Examples and How to Avoid Them in the Workplace
Author/Organization: Bailey Reiners
Journal or Publisher: Built In
Keywords: unconscious bias, affinity bias, workplace, professionalism
Category: Principles of EDI in Research